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04 Jul 2012

Sale of 37 Alexandra Avenue, Canterbury

Dear David,

Re: Sale of 37 Alexandra Avenue, Canterbury

Let me start by extending our congratulations and sincere thanks for a job so well done. We, like many potential sellers, faced the daunting task of making sure we selected the best possble representation in selling what is of course our most valuable possession - our own home.

Having worked within the Industry for over 30 years and been the principals of our own real estate office for over 26 years, we had an in-depth knowledge as to how the industry worked. We are also well aware of the many pit falls that may be faced by sellers along the way. We knew how important making the right choice in Agency was. Anyone can sell a home, but it takes genuine skill and knowledge to negotiate an extraordinary outcome for the seller and have the buyer feel the experience was rewarding for them as well.

We decided to interview some eight Estate Agents to give their opinions as to the value and marketing recommendation for our home. They came from; franchised, non-franchised offices, boutique style agencies and multi-corporate owned offices. They had reputation of being; big gun listers, high flyer profile agents, auction specialists, private sale specialists, sale off market agents, agents that could deliver above asking price. You name it and we saw it!

We attended a number of Auctions and privately conducted open house inspections to gather information and we even knocked on doors to listen to and discuss with current and past sellers their experiences - which included in some cases a sudden drop in the market price once the listing was signed.

Upon our findings we made up our minds that we did not want to be listed by a so called "expert lister" to be then handed on to the sales team with a variance of experience as a free for all within the office. We were also concerned as to spending countless amounts of money in big glossy advertising that only benefited in promoting the Agents corporate image.

Our meeting with you helped us to realize a professionalism we felt we had not been previously delivered with by any other agent. We place a lot of pride in our home and we could see that your attention to fine detail in noting the extras and customized treatment matched ours when we were building and decorating it. Your ability to listen to our needs and concerns plus your personal involvement to all of the key elements in listing, showing, client feedback, negotiating and selling left us reassured and comfortable with the treatment it would receive. This couple with your vast wealth of knowledge when it came to building and construction costs of high calibre properties and their replacement values would be of the utmost importance in achieving the best possible result we desired within the market place. Given that you had just started a new, vibrant business and required new listings to build not only your portfolio but your reputation as well gave us the advantage that we would not just be another listing on the books.

We were thoroughly impressed with the understanding and gentle nature you possess together with the knowledge and communication skills you demonstrated during the sale process. Your ability to move amongst both Australian and Asian communities with such competence and ease also provided us with a more in depth approach into a market area that other agencies seemed to not have as much involvement with. The close connections with relocation and immigration agencies all formed the catalyst in providing an easy transition between us and the purchaser. But most outstanding of all, you surpassed the highest sale price opinions expressed by any of the other agents that inspected our home. And even the Vendors opinion of sale price!

David, we would like to thank you once again for the unique and ever so positive result you delivered for all parties involved and we wish you all the success you rightfully deserve with Paragon Real Estate. Should you ever need to convenience your potential clients of how satisfied you have left previous ones feeling, we hope that you present them with this letter.

Kindest Regards,

Martin & Fadwa Pettit
Directors Pettit Real Estate Pty Ltd

Martin & Fadwa Pettit